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At Air Assurance we pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of the Heating and Air Conditioning industry.  We are currently updating the list of INNOVATIVE products we offer our valued customers.

Healthy Home

The EPA ranks indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental risks to public health.  They estimate that indoor air is 5-100 times worse than outside air!  Health concerns such as allergies, asthma, or the hazards of carbon monoxide can often be attributed to a poorly maintained, designed, or installed heating and air conditioning system.  If you are plagued by dust, allergens, hot and cold spots, dry or moist conditions, or general discomfort in your home, rest assured that we have the highest trained professionals and the best state-of-the-art testing equipment in the industry to make your home safe, comfortable, and energy efficient!

Carbon Monoxide Low Level Monitors: CO is a silent killer that poses a health risk that shouldn’t be ignored.  CO is the unwanted byproduct of the combustion of fuels such as gas, oil, and wood.  Our low level CO monitor provides protection for all age groups and conditions, especially infants, children, the elderly, and highly sensitive or ill people.  Other basic store bought detectors barely provide minimal protection for healthy adults.  Let us tell you the difference and have peace of mind for you and your family.

Humidification: In winter, relative humidity inside the average home lingers around a dry 15%. By comparison, the average humidity in the Sahara Desert is 25%!  This dry condition wreaks havoc on hard wood flooring, musical instruments, furniture and of course your person!  Dry, itchy skin, dry nasal passages and the ever present shock effect when you touch just about anything cause many lasting problems.  A whole house humidifier solves these problems plus decreases the opportunity for dust mites, viruses, and other bacterias to reproduce-creating a healthier, more comfortable environment!

Indoor Air Cleaners:  If you have dust, allergy, asthma, or respiratory problems, the only way to reduce your exposure is by sealing the duct systems and installing high efficiency air cleaners.  Quality air cleaners can also extend the life and decrease costly maintenance of your comfort systems.  We offer a variety of medical grade air cleaners that can filter particles smaller than .03 microns.  To put that into perspective, 100 microns can fit on the tip of a human hair!  That’s clean, healthy air that you can’t come close to getting from store bought air filters! And some models only need changing once a year or longer…so start breathing cleaner, healthier air today!

Indoor Air Purifiers and Ultra Violet Lights: What if you were able to purify every cubic inch of air that your air conditioning system reaches?  Say goodbye to odors, surface bacteria, particulates, microbials, and gases.  This is an amazing technology that’s most simply explained as a full time sterilization unit for your home.  Used by schools, day cares, and medical facilities throughout the world, bring the cleanest of air to you and your family!

Anti-Microbial Coil Treatment: Your AC coil is probably the coldest, wettest, and darkest place in your home. Couple that with the amount of dust and other contaminants that flow through it on a daily basis means you have a prime location for microbial contamination to breed.  Cooling coils, drain pans, and the fan housing assembly can be attacked by these growths producing a sticky substance which traps dust particles causing less efficiency of your units as well as contaminated air distributed throughout the home.   By treating these areas, we can control this contamination and help your system last longer, maintain its peak efficiency, and improve indoor air quality.  Used by Disney World, Mayo Clinic, and other world renowned facilities, you too can have better air quality at a very affordable price.


Smart Home:

Wi-Fi Thermostats: Thermostats have come a long way in recent years.  Control temperature from anywhere, from any device!  Right from your thermostat or smart device you can view local weather forecasts, indoor humidity, receive critical system alerts, maintenance interval reminders and much more.  This technology can even view outdoor air quality and intelligently adjust your systems fan and run time based on indoor air quality preferences!! It can even adjust temperatures based on when you leave your home and when you’re on the way back! Tired of looking at the same old thermostat display, the HD screen can display family photos, decorative art, or specific screen savers to show you outdoor weather conditions! Now that’s Smart!

 Zoned Comfort: Have trouble keeping some rooms cool or warm?  Zoning systems allow you to control the temperature in different rooms or areas of the home with one comfort system.  Don’t waste energy by heating or cooling rooms or areas not in use, simply set the area you want cooler or warmer and enjoy zoned comfort the way you want it!

Smart Water Sensor: Let’s face it, generally speaking, you don’t know when there is a water leak until it’s too late!  Not anymore! Smart Water sensors can be placed in any area such as the water closet, behind your washer, under the sink, etc.  It can alert you immediately and can send you or a neighbor, or your contractor an email or text message immediately, in case you are away from the home.  View it from the app on your smart phone while it gives you temperature and humidity readings on the go.  Peace of mind all the time!

Surge Protection: We’re accustomed to buying surge protection for our Televisions, Stereos, Computers and other electronics, but why not for one of the larger investments in our homes- our comfort system?  Manufacturer warranties do not cover lightning strikes or power surges, so the unexpected costly expense of this occurring within our comfort systems can be devastating. These protectors will not only protect your equipment, but can alert you and even shut down the system once an event occurs so you know you’re fully protected at all times.  

System Reliability: 25% of all service calls are the result of a bad high voltage controller. 60% of all replacement controllers will fail again; causing you increased cost, inconvenience, and worst of all further damage of your compressor or other major components within the system.  Over 2 million controllers are replaced each and every year!  Dust, debris, and insects are no match for this sealed upgrade along with low voltage and short cycle protection. This, matched with over 10 times the OEM rated runtime ensures more reliability, longer system life, less hassle, and less cost over your systems’ life.


Maintenance Program 

Neglect is the number one reason systems fail. Take the worry and hassle out of proper home or business comfort system maintenance by having our certified professionals perform it for you.  We’ll thoroughly inspect your heating and air conditioning system with the most technologically advanced equipment and ensure that its’ working safely, and at it’s peak efficiency and capacity.  While on the program, save 15% anytime you may need us for repairs, enjoy extended warranties, never any overtime charges, and always receive priority service when you need us the most!  We offer annual or monthly payment options. That’s peace of mind!  


Anti-Corrosion Rods for Water Heaters: Each Water heater has an anti-corrosion rod within it to act as a sacrificial metal for the minerals in our water to eat at it, instead of the tank itself. Without one, rust and corrosion would destroy a tank after just a few years or at minimum, cause the tank to use more energy to heat the water, or have less heated water capacity. The rod is not designed to last as long as the tank itself, therefore checking, maintaining, or replacing it as necessary is good practice for long lasting tank life. 

Water Heater Replacement: Average Water Heater life expectancy is between 10-15 years.  Common reasons for water heater replacement are decreased capacity of heated water, increased energy required to heat the water, or the worst…developing leaks and causing catastrophes.  You can choose when to replace it, or the tank can decide for you! 

Tankless Water Heaters: Want endless hot water for those long showers, Jacuzzi baths, laundry and dishes, or just so you don’t have to worry about it when company comes?  Want better efficiency by only heating the water when you need it, instead of heating it all the time? Want something that last longer than your last water heater? Need extra space in the water closet? Tankless water heaters are your solution! 

 Say No to Catastrophic Water Problems:  What happens when a pipe breaks at your home?  What if you’re not at home?  Do you know where your water shutoff is? Don’t worry!  Smart, Wi-Fi enabled shutoffs can be installed that can alert you via your smart phone when flow is irregular.  Not only that, with the push of a button, you can shut off the water supply to your entire home instantly, even when you’re on vacation! 

 Smart Water Sensor: Let’s face it, generally speaking, you don’t know when there is a water leak until it’s too late!  Not anymore!  Smart Water sensors can be placed in any area such as the water closet, behind your washer, under the sink, etc.  It can alert you immediately and can send you or a neighbor, or your contractor an email or text message immediately, in case you are away from the home.  View it from the app on your smart phone while it gives you temperature and humidity readings on the go.  Peace of mind all the time!

Hard Water Problems? Do your shower heads, faucets, or shower doors get mineral deposits that not only look bad but decrease performance?  Does your hair or skin feel dry and hardened after bathing? We have affordable solutions that differ from the typical water softening systems.  These systems prolong the life of your appliances, increase your energy efficiency, decrease the damage to your clothes while doing laundry…and your skin will feel smoother and your hair will be more manageable. Keep the lime scale deposits away, and do it without harsh chemical or salt treatments with little to no maintenance!

Laundry the Way Nature Intended! Think you could do laundry without the use of harsh detergents?  Want to save money by using cold water only? Now you can with the Laundry Pro!  Eco-Friendly technology has allowed us to super-activate oxygen to lift dirt and grim away from the fibers of fabric and prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria!  No need for detergent or bleaches, no maintenance, no hot water!  

Want Hot Water when the Power is Out? A simple solution is available to tankless water heater owners so that power is still available to heat water, even when the power is out!  Run hot water up to 3 hours continuously with these battery backup systems.  An added benefit… surge protection!  So not only can you count on this system protecting your investment from whatever might have caused the power outage, but enjoy the comfort of hot water when you’re waiting for power to be restored!

Control How Much Your Water Heater Runs: Typically, we’re not using our water heater most of the time, but did you know we’re still paying for it to heat the water?  Why not take control and install a programmable water heater timer?  Set it to “sleep” while you are, or while you’re away at work, and then set it to be ready when you are.  Set up all kinds of schedules to work with yours and save up to 30% on your water heating bill!

Instant Hot Water:  Want hot water in the shower, kitchen, or bathroom when you turn it on instead of waiting long periods of time before the hot water actually gets there?  Instant hot water gives you the pleasure of immediate hot water while also saving money through un-wasted water usage.  Why wait, you deserve it!

Hydro Jetting: Another example of advanced plumbing technology is now available to deal with age-old problems.  A sewer lateral obstructed by a clog or intruding roots used to mean snaking with a mechanical rooter that might inflict damage on delicate, aging pipes.  Or even worse, a blocked sewer requiring excavation of your front yard or parking lot, marring your landscape and costing more. By using high pressure water and a thin flexible water line, the powerful force of a hydro-jetter can cut through tree roots, and blockages like butter while also ridding pipes of sludge build up that initiates clogging-all without the trauma inflicted to pipes by mechanical means.  We do sewer repairs, maintenance, and replacements of all kinds!  

Video Inspections: Our plumbing professionals will utilize fiber-optic video technology to locate and identify the nature of the drain disturbance, as well as assess the overall condition of your pipes.  This limits the guess work and potential un-necessary excavation by pinpointing exactly where and what kind of clog or disturbance is present.  This also allows our professionals to evaluate which method is best suited for clearing it, as well as evaluating the overall condition of the pipes. 

Pipes Need Quieting?  “Water Hammer” is when water in your system flows until abruptly stopped, resulting in a “shock” to the system which transfers that energy through the system.  The pipe is subject to reaction from this action sometimes banging close pipe connections together causing a noise, i.e.: Hammer sound.  Water Hammer Arrestors entrap air and uses that air to dampen the effect of the “water hammer” therefore reducing that annoying sound. 

Expansion Tanks: When your main water heater heats up, water expands. With nowhere for the excess water to go, pressure quickly builds up.  More pressure means more stress on your water heater, your pipes, and other fixtures connected to your plumbing system, along with annoying variances in your water pressure. An expansion tank gives the excess hot water a place to flow into, eliminating unnecessary stress on your water heater and saves you from inconsistent hot water pressure through your fixtures. 

Full Port Brass Drain Valve: Most water heaters came with a cheap plastic drain valve that cracks or breaks over time, leaving no way of maintaining or flushing your tank of harmful sediment buildup within the tank or causing a small leak.  By replacing this component with a brass, full port drain valve, you can easily flush more sediment out and much quicker while also having solid brass structure to keep leaks and breaks at bay.

Plumbing Maintenance:  Enjoy the same type of service our HVAC customers have known for years.  Take the worry and hassle out of proper home or business plumbing maintenance by having our professionals perform it for you annually.  We’ll inspect your supply lines, fixtures, garbage disposals, drains, water pressure and all plumbing connections. We’ll also flush and check for the proper safety and operation of your water heater as well.  All this while saving 15% anytime you may need us for repairs, never any overtime charges, and always getting priority service when you need us the most!  That’s peace of mind!