Air Assurance Advantage

We won’t send a service person to your home that we wouldn’t welcome into our own home. Our technicians are licensed, bonded, courteous, clean-cut, drug tested, non-smoking professionals who know their business. They are equipped with the knowledge and the most advanced diagnostic equipment (including wireless access to the past history of your equipment) to quickly spot and correct any problems in your systems.

Customer Satisfaction Survey
We want to know how we're doing. After your service, we welcome any feedback you may have regarding your experience.  We also perform "Happy Calls" from one of or customer service representatives to ensure everything was done to your satisfaction. These “report cards” are just one of many steps taken to ensure the satisfaction of every customer, every time.

Homeowners wishing to refer a friend or neighbor to Air Assurance for a new or replacement heat and air system can earn free gifts or discounts for themselves and the referral.

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