Meticulous and detailed craftsmanship goes into every installation. Here are a just a few examples of the everyday standard Air Assurance provides in home comfort system installation.

When installing new refrigerant lines, Air Assurance installs "Line-Hide" to not only protect your refrigerant line insulation from the fading and cracking that is common due to UV light exposure, but it also conceals those lines for an aesthetically appealing installation. These can be painted to match your homes trim, but most homeowners find them already matching their current guttering system. 

Do you have an addition, patio room, theatre room, or other area that needs heating and cooling, but don't want the noise, inefficiency, and unsecure features of a window unit? Don't have the space for a new comfort system with ductwork, etc? Air Assurance installs Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split Units. These systems are your solution! Here is an example of this high efficiency comfort system.

One of the most efficient and reliable systems available today are Geothermal systems. By using mother nature, you can heat and cool your home! With available federal tax credits of up to 30% of the total cost, today is the best time to invest in geothermal, and yes, Air Assurance installs these systems as well!

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